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A Course In Miracles
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Spiritual Principles

Our Mission:

To teach others how to change ones perception and interpretation, which empowers, heals and blesses individuals in all areas of their lives. As a result, they attract good and prosperity, create and attract healthy relationships, and deepen their spirituality. This also encourages world peace, one person at a time. Clarity happens. Miracles happen!

About Us:

Welcome to the International “A Course In Miracles” Study Group where we make the Course simple. We offer weekly teleclasses and workshops to deepen your spirituality and expand your understanding of the Course. These classes go beyond intellectual understanding and encourage the active practice of the principles of the Course.

Helen Gordon facilitates the classes, workshops and retreats. Students worldwide have deepened their understanding of “A Course in Miracles through her unique ability to explain, expand and simplify the principles of the Course. Their lives have been transformed to experience more peace and love every day.

Will you be the next person to experience a miracle? Join Helen’s weekly “A Course In Miracles” classes as listed in Classes/Events, where aha moments happen frequently. Come and release fear, anger, guilt and the past once and for all. Classes are presented such that you can join at any time and not be behind.

No experience necessary.

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