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Helen Gordon

Helen Gordon is the world’s first Online Teacher of  “A Course In Miracles.” Each week she holds teleclasses and is in her 24th year. She brings many years of metaphysical knowledge and living to this class. Her spiritual studies were completed at The Holmes Institute and Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a member of the Agape Association of Communities.

She founded the Universal Partnership for Peace non-profit organization to inspire peace in the world by educating individuals on how to manage emotions in an effective manner to improve lives and relationships.

Helen is a warm and gifted teacher committed to sharing spiritual principles that help lead to a more joyous and self-loving life. Miracles Happen!

Ms. Gordon has authored several books and is published in metaphysical and religious publications.  Most of her work is based upon metaphysical and A Course In Miracles principles. She is available for book signings and A Course In Miracles study groups. Contact her if you would like her to do a workshop or seminar for your group or organization.

You can obtain her life changing books through Amazon: “There’s Nothing Going On But Your Thoughts” – Book 1, Book 2, and Workbook, and “The Obvious Secret Lesson of The Wizard of Oz– a metaphysical interpretation and simplification of “A Course In Miracles.” These books gently guide you through self-discovery and release of guilt, anger, fear and the past. Finally,  books that help you heal your relationship with yourself, empower you, and raise your self-esteem. These are not just a rehash of what you find in other books, they are fresh and powerful.

Book Helen to speak at your event.

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