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Email: Send an email with questions, feedback or to book Helen.

Helen Gordon is available to give a talk or present a weekend workshop in your area. Such events are a great opportunity to meet with other students of the Course, who seek to deepen their spirituality and understanding of the Course.

Event Requirements:
You will need to be completely responsible for organizing the event: finding a facility, local publicity, volunteers to handle registration and a book table, and producing a registration packet for people who might need information on where to eat or where to stay. Helen will provide the program and workshop materials.

Provide the venue for the event, airfare (from the San Diego airport) and accommodations for Helen at your own risk. A fixed charge for the event or suggested donation will help cover expenses. After the event, the expenses are deducted from the proceeds. Whatever remains is commonly split 50-50 between Helen Gordon and you (the organizer). For book sales, there is a 60/40 split.

Topics of Lectures and Workshops:
Our popular ACIM OZ full day workshop is especially valuable for introducing people to “A Course in Miracles” and it further enlightens current students of the Course regardless of how long they have been students.

Sample list of lectures and workshops you can choose from include:


      • Changing Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
      • Listening to the Voice (of the Holy Spirit)
      • Getting Over It (getting past resentment)
      • Reclaim Your Self-Esteem
      • Illusions (how can this be when we see bad things happening?)
      • What Pssst’d You Off? (discover what is really fueling your anger)


    • Changing Habits and Thoughts (discover thoughts that are controlling your life, relationships, and prosperity)
    • Your Gift to the World (clarifying your divine purpose)
    • What is “A Course In Miracles” About? (what it teaches and where it’s been hiding in our lives)
    • How to Recognize the Voice (experience what the Voice actually sounds like to you)

Books by Helen

book1 Book 2 workbook/ Oz