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I started the “A Course In Miracles” lessons and didn’t finish. Do I need to start all over again?

You can start any lesson at any time, but you are encouraged to do them all.

Can the ego sometimes function as my friend?


List of Terms

  • God has no gender. “A Course In Miracles” references God using a masculine gender for literary purposes.
  • Sin is merely an error or misinterpretation. It can be corrected.
  • Salvation is recognition an error has been made.
  • Atonement is acceptance the error has been corrected.
  • The Holy Spirit is your inner Voice, divine Guide, holy Spirit, and spiritual Being. It is that part of you, which is always in communication with God. It is who you truly are, the voice for God.
  • Forgiveness is not a pardon, but a correction in perception and the freedom to move on.
  • The ego is that loud inner critic. Wrong-thinking. Offers unfavorable choices.
  • Illusions refer to human being experiences.
  • Self, in upper case, refers to your True being that guides you rightly and is always in connection and agreement with God. It is not physical.
  • self, in lowercase, refers to the human personality that is governed by the ego. It is physical.
  • Voice is your inner guide for right choices, your holy Spirit.

One thought on “FAQs”

  1. Your ego’s rage will surface time to time as you lessen its participation in your life. It will whisper embarassment about it as well. No worries. It is only the ego’s opinion. You are about to evict it and it is fiercely fighting for its existence in your life. Be patient with yourself.

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