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Oz Excerpt and Symbols

Excerpt from the chapter, Wicked Witches

Further along their journey, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion ran into the Wicked Witch of the West, alleged proof that there were powers to which they were weak and helpless. How could they possibly reach their goal with something so powerfully evil against them, fiercely blocking the way to their destiny? We sometimes feel we have no way or power to reach our goals due to a block of some kind.

With greed, Wicked Witch wanted to control everyone and everything and was determined to get even more power by taking the ruby red slippers from Dorothy. But we do not need to give up our power to that which threatens us, especially to something or someone so powerless.

At one point, Dorothy even tried to give the ruby red slippers to Wicked Witch, but even the witch could not remove them from Dorothy’s feet without harm. We can deny our power, but it can never be given away.

Denying who we are cannot change who we are, which are powerful beings. We can deny the love of God, but we cannot be without it. Dorothy’s shoes were divine protection and guidance to the love and home she thought was lost forever.

But how could they conquer this most evil and powerful thing (Wicked Witch) that blocked them from their desires?

It was a desperate gesture of love that worked. The witch set Scarecrow afire for entertainment; however, out of love, Dorothy spontaneously dashed a bucket of water on him to save his life.

The witch’s intent was to amuse herself by harming Scarecrow with fire, what he feared most. Fire was deadly for him. Things looked pretty fatal for Scarecrow, but it was a blessing disguised as evil.

Instead, the evil deed killed the witch. As the water was dashed upon Scarecrow to save his life, it also splashed on the witch. Water is what she feared most because it was deadly for her.

Water, the source of life, what seemed to be no weapon at all, was what ultimately killed the wicked witch. This was a simple and readily available tool to end this evil. Like most solutions, the method to end this evil always existed; the right method simply had not been applied until then.

What sometimes seems like bad luck, evil, or harmful in our lives is merely a gift to place us closer to our goal. The evil intention does not happen. As believable as it appeared, their bondage in the witch’s castle was never going to be permanent…         Here’s 4 of the 32 symbols I found in the Wizard of Oz.

  • Castle Door at Oz

    A huge obstacle you think is between you and the final manifestation of your dream. What you can overcome.

  • Rain

    Rehabilitation. Recovery.

  • Ruby Red Slippers

    The power within you that you cannot ever give away. No one can take it from you except by pretense.

  • Scarecrow

    Intellectually challenged or embarrassed. Hung up on some negative belief about himself. Self-conscious. Low self-esteem. Doubtful.